Apocalypse Abyss - 1994


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
Drop Bomb = [Space]
Fire = [CTRL]

Game History - Apocalypse Abyss - 1994

Apocalypse Abyss - 1994

Ashtar the dwarf is the lone survivor when all of the people of the magical land of Ruidia vanish. Ancient prophesy indicates that the Apocalypse is the result of the evil wizard Niche who has captured everyone and holds them in his fortress in the blood mountains. Niche's fortress is inpenetrable, except for the magical force of the five artifacts hidden in dungeons. With the power of the five artifacts, Ashtar can reach the fortress of Niche and solve the wizard's final puzzles to return order to the realm.

Apocalypse Abyss is a top-down puzzle game. The player controls Ashtar the drawf who can move in four directions. Ashtar can pick up and drop bombs to destroy barriers and obstacles. He can also pick up daggers than can be thrown to trigger objects. Finally Astar can push objects on the ground. The player starts by choosing a dungeon, there are ten rooms in each dungeon before the artifact can be won. Collecting the five artifacts unlocks the sixth and final dungeon.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Software Visions, Ltd. in 1994
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Game Screenshots - Apocalypse Abyss - 1994

Apocalypse Abyss screenshot 1 Apocalypse Abyss screenshot 2 Apocalypse Abyss screenshot 3