Beyond Castle Wolfenstein - 1985


Q - Left Up
W - Up
E - Right Up
S - Stop
A - Left
D - Right
Z - Left Down
X - Down
C - Right Down

I - Left Up
O - Up
P - Right Up
K - Left
L - Fire Gun
; - Right
, - Left Down
. - Down
/ - Right Down

Other Keys
H - Holster Gun
: - Switch Gun
B - Drop Bomb
R - Reset Bomb
U - Use Contents
M - Bribe Guards
F - Use First Aid
CTRL-T - Use Tool Kit
CTRL-K - Use Keys
Enter - List Personal Supplies Show Pass: Use number Keys 1 through 5
Opening Closets: aim gun at the closet and press the spacebar
Unlock Closets: aim gun at closet then use number keys for 3-digit combination
Search Dead Guards: stand over body and press spacebar
Drag Dead Guards: stand adjacent to body, aim gun in the general direction of the body and press spacebar

Game History - Beyond Castle Wolfenstein - 1985

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein - 1985

Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in disguise, find the bomb agents have hidden there, and plant it outside the door to Hitler's bunker. If you go in shooting everything in sight, a guard is bound to raise the alarm and it's unlikely you'll complete the mission. Use stealth and the occassional bribe to work your way to Hitler. You might have to kill a few guards, but think before you do. Oh, and did we mention you have to escape the way you came before the bomb explodes?

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Muse Software. in 1985
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Game Screenshots - Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein screenshot 1 Beyond Castle Wolfenstein screenshot 2 Beyond Castle Wolfenstein screenshot 3