Blitz Draughts - 1992


ESC - Abort back to main menu.
-,+ - Alter average response time in seconds - ZERO for beginners.
F1 - Show moves, ie. all of your movable pieces.
F2 - Make me take your go.
F3 - Auto-play. (Hit ESC to end)
F5 - Toggle two-player/setup mode on/off.
F10 - Help screens..
CTRL-B Best line display toggle.

Game History - Blitz Draughts - 1992

Blitz Draughts - 1992

Welcome to BLITZ DRAUGHTS, the worlds strongest shareware draughts program! Please note that shareware is * NOT * free software - if you use it, you are obliged to pay for it. You can become a legitimate registered user by purchasing any our program-packs - details will be given when you run BLITZ.

You will need to be a very good player to beat BLITZ, even on a very low level of play. Remember that the F5 key enables two-player/set-up mode, so you can enter the moves of a game to set up a position, or use the computer as a display for two human players. Note that you can also change the X-Y size of the board - have fun with checkers on a 5x7 board! BLITZ is the ONLY program able to do this.

Note that black pieces really come out BROWN - if they were black, they would be invisible! I found this to be the most pleasing combination. You can select CGA mode for true white/black pieces. Hercules graphics users should be able to run BLITZ under SIMCGA. If you are using a mouse, make sure MOUSE.EXE is installed - this is standard for any mouse-program.

BLITZ has all the features that you would expect from a commercial chess program, ie. fast ALPHA-BETA tree search, opening book (for the 8 by 8 game), and much more. The response time is used as a GAME- AVERAGE - sometimes the computer takes longer, but in the long run it is accurate. The total time taken is given as #Sec, and total moves as #Mov, at the top right of the screen. The CORNER-MODE inverts all black squares for grey and visa versa - this is most effective on odd-sized board shapes. When BLITZ returns a score of +/-30000, a win/loss is in sight, and the compter is playing perfectly!

If you like SHAREWARE-BLITZ, please buy the full version, on GAMES- -PACK-1, which has extra Strength Levels, position Edit, Game Replay/ Load/Save/Backtrack and more. It also plays a MUCH stronger, faster game - indeed tests show that it outplays ALL other commercial draughts programs at this time.

Game created by PC Solutions in 1992
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Game Screenshots - Blitz Draughts

Blitz Draughts screenshot 1 Blitz Draughts screenshot 2 Blitz Draughts screenshot 3