Bouncing Babies - 1984


Esc - End Game
Left of Right - (or 123) Move
Space Bar - Start Game

Game History - Bouncing Babies - 1984


A building is on fire and you have to rescue babies jumping (jumping?) from the building. A two man fire fighter team is the only thing between life and certain death for the bouncing babies. Use the fire fighter stretcher/trampoline to bounce the babies safely into the ambulance. The gameplay is based on a Game & Watch game called Fire.

The game has only three keys to play (1, 2, 3) which represents the positions where you can place your fireman team: left, middle, or right. Anticipate where the babies will fall from their jumping angle. Multiple and faster babies will jump off the building as you advance in the game.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Dave Baskin in 1984
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Game Screenshots - Bouncing Babies - 1984

Bouncing Babies - 1984 screenshot 1 Bouncing Babies - 1984 screenshot 2 Bouncing Babies - 1984 screenshot 3