Bushido - 1983


The following is a list of the control keys for Bushido
F1 - move
F2 - hand
F3 - move
F4 - foot
F9 - reset

1 - Forward left
2 - Duck
3 - Forward right
4 - Left
5 - Turn
6 - Right
7 - Jump left
8 - Jump
9 - Jump right

Please note that the game starts in demo mode. To play hit the
key marked Esc and make settings.

Game History - Bushido - 1983

Bushido - 1983

Setting an early example for the Eastern martial arts motif in fighting games, Bushido: the Way of the Warrior tests your bare-handed combat skills against a feudal Japanese backdrop. The action takes you through a series of themed locations (the courtyard, the dojo, and the cellar) guarded by a multitude of Samurai hostiles. If human enemies were not enough, you'll also find yourself facing slithering snakes, belligerent birds, and even a rather nasty spider. Your objective: infiltrate the complex, grab the treasure items, get out in one piece and move on to the next level.

The guards are all too eager to introduce you to their katanas and shurikens; your only arsenal is your hands and feet, but your mastery of the arts makes them lethal enough. There are three separate control modes (movement mode, punch mode, kick mode) where each of the nine numpad keys performs a different action: this lets you execute a varied repertoire of backflips, rolls, crouches, spinning punches, flying kicks and so forth. You get ten difficulty settings to choose from, including a practice mode which lets you exercise your impressive arsenal of moves without being inconvenienced by opposition.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Advanced Computer Products in 1983
File Download - Bushido-1983.zip

Game Screenshots - Bushido - 1983 Game

Bushido screenshot 1 Bushido screenshot 2 Bushido screenshot 3 Bushido screenshot 4