Caves of Thor - 1990


Move Left - Left Arrow
Move Right - Right Arrow
Move Up - Up Arrow
Move Down - Down Arrow
Fire - Space
Use Potion - A
Pause Game - D
Save Game - C
Turn Sound or Music Off/On - S

Game History - Caves of Thor - 1990

Caves of Thor - 1990

You find yourself trapped deep within the Caves of Thor. Your mission is to locate the three missing items scattered throughout Thor's domain. During your adventure, you'll discover object that you need to use in order to sustain your existance. Some objects are helpful, yet others (such as the enemies, enemy makers & Thor Beasts) are not.

Game created by Apogee Software, Ltd. in 1990
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Game Screenshots - Caves of Thor - 1990

Caves of Thor screenshot 1 Caves of Thor screenshot 2 Caves of Thor screenshot 3