Cyberdogs - 1994


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
Move Up = Up Arrow
Move Down = Down Arrow
Switch Weapons = Z
Fire = X
Map = F1

Game History - Cyberdogs - 1994

Cyberdogs - 1994

Gauntlet-style top down 8 way scrolling view. View is line of sight shaded so you can't see past walls. Walk around blasting baddies into oblivion. No puzzles as of yet. Bad guys sleep until spotted when they become active and try to kill you in your average computer-game-bad-guy kind of way. Some, however, are "awake" and will come for you.

Use the automap to locate your targets (they are highlighted on your map from the start - as is the exit). You can destroy targets with any weapon and some persistence. You can NOT destroy a target or any other structure with close combat, ie you need a weapon and some ammo.

Collect a certain number of objects from the ship/base. These objects are vital documents left behind as the ship/base was evac'd in a hurry: papers, folders, disks and circuit boards. Oh, and if you could collect some of the admirals daughter's Teddy bears he would be ever so pleased. He can't get any work done when she's upset.
Eliminate a certain number of opponents.
Blow target installations to smithereens.
Combinations of the above.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Ronny Wester in 1994
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Game Screenshots - Cyberdogs

Cyberdogs screenshot 1 Cyberdogs screenshot 2 Cyberdogs screenshot 3