Frogger 2 - 1984


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
Move Up = Up Arrow
Move Down = Down Arrow

Game History - Frogger 2 - 1984

Frogger 2 - 1984

In Frogger II: ThreeeDeep!, you need to guide your frog to safety in three different locations. Starting out underwater, reach the top of the pond while avoiding dangerous alligators and fish (you can ride a turtle for safety!). Once on top of the pond, hop across logs, birds, and even a whale to the life preserver trailing behind a tugboat. In the third location you have to hop across a flock of birds to reach a cloud at the top of the screen. Each frog has a time limit to safely reach one of the homes on each of the three screens. You move on to the next level when a frog has safely reached each of the homes on all screens.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Apogee Software, Ltd. in 1991
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Game Screenshots - Frogger 2 - 1984

Frogger 2 - 1984 screenshot 1 Frogger 2 - 1984 screenshot 2 Frogger 2 - 1984 screenshot 3 Frogger 2 - 1984 screenshot 4