Hexxagon - 1993



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Game History - Hexxagon - 1993

Hexxagon - 1993

Hexxagon is a board game based on Ataxx, except with a hexagon grid instead of a square grid. It takes place on a board made up of hexes, 58 in total, and each player starts with three pawns. You can move a pawn two hexes in any direction, or clone a pawn onto an adjacent hex. Every opponent's pawn adjacent to the pawn you just placed becomes yours. The winner is the player who has the most pawns once the board is filled up, or the player who eliminates all of the opponent's pawns, in which case the game fills the board with their pawns automatically.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Argo Games in 1993
File Download - Hexxagon-1993.zip

Game Screenshots - Hexxagon

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