Highway Hunter - 1995


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
UP = Up Arrow
Down = Down Arrow
Space = Fire
P = Pause
ESC = Quit game

Game History - Highway Hunter - 1995

Highway Hunter - 1995

Top-down arcade shooter. You are in a powerful car in which you must travel the roads and shoot your enemies. There are many upgrades for you to find to help make you stronger and fire more powerful shots.

Highway Hunter has 9 available weapons. As you find weapon upgrades, your current weapon increases in power. If you exceed the amount of power your current weapon can handle, your weapon will be upgraded to the next available weapon. Weapon upgrades require a lot of energy. This energy is depleted as it is used. If your upgrade runs out of energy, your weapons system will revert back to the next lower weapon.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Omega Integral Systems, Safari Software Ltd. in 19951
File Download - Highway-Hunter-1995.zip

Game Screenshots - Highway Hunter

Highway Hunter screenshot 1 Highway Hunter screenshot 2 Highway Hunter screenshot 3