Major Stryker - 1993


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
UP = Up Arrow
Down = Down Arrow
Bomb = Z
Fire = X

Game History - Major Stryker - 1993

Major Stryker - 1993

Major Stryker is another of Apogee's attempts to make a commercial-level shareware game. It's a rather typical shoot-'em-up vertical scroller with EGA graphics.

This game was deleted from Apogee's product line quite some time ago, and has been re-released as freeware in March of 2006. As the original game programmer still works for us 13 years later, it was easy to find him and ask about a freeware release - this was released in conjunction with his entry in our "Legacy Interview Series". There are a few notes you should be aware of with the release.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Apogee Software, Ltd. in 1993
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Game Screenshots - Major Stryker

Major Stryker screenshot 1 Major Stryker screenshot 2 Major Stryker screenshot 3