Metaball Pinball - 1986


# of Players = Right SHIFT
Start Game = Left SHIFT
Spring Down = Down Arrow
Spring Up = Up Arrow
Right Flipper = Right SHIFT
Left Flipper = Left SHIFT
Shoot Ball = Left SHIFT
Sound On/Off = CTRL-S

Game History - Metaball Pinball - 1986

Metaball - 1986

Pinball Construction Set is considered the first construction set game that launched the concept and genre.

Construct a pinball game by dropping parts onto the table (or alter the table itself). Alter world physics like gravity, bounce, kick, and speed. Paint custom backboards. Wire together targets for specials and bonus points. Finally, save creations for later, or generate a self-loading version of the table to distribute to friends (original program not needed to play).

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by MJL in 1986
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Game Screenshots - Metaball Pinball - 1986

Metaball Pinball - 1986 screenshot 1