Ninja - 1986


Arrow Keys: Crouch, Stand Up, Jump, Walk Left, and Walk Right
[F1]-[F10]: Attack
[Scroll Lock]: Exit Game
[S] key: Toggle Sound On/Off
[ESC] key: Pause Game

Game History - Ninja - 1986

Ninja - 1986

You are a NINJA, a martial arts expert, highly trained in the art of combat. You have been assigned to attack a heavily guarded fortress and make it through as many levels as you can before all three of your men are eliminated. Each level is guarded by more and more black-belt karate fighters who are intent on stopping you. Later levels will also be protected by the elite Red Guard, who are also trained in Ninja skills.

Each level consists of five floors with trapdoors, some of which are open, and you will fall through them to the next floor unless you jump over them. Once you fall through an open trapdoor, there is no way you can go back up. You cannot see the closed trap doors, and the only way to open them is by eliminating a guard. Sometimes even that won't work, so keep trying until it does. The bottom floor has no open trapdoors, so you can't escape to the next level until you eliminate a guard and one of them opens. Later levels won't have any open trapdoors on the bottom floor *or* the one just above it.

Both you and the guards get fatigued after a lot of intense fighting, so you have to rest once and a while. You can tell when you're wearing out when you start to walk slower, and if you fall over on your back, you're totally exhausted. To rest, just stay in one spot without moving for a while. Attacking takes a lot of energy, too, so don't do it unless you're rested.

To eliminate a guard, walk up to him within an arm's length and press any of the function keys. If he jumps or ducks to avoid it, you'll miss, but if you crouch or jump with him and then attack, you will hit him. It will take quite a few hits to eliminate him, especially if he's a Red Guard, and he can also hit you back the same way, so be careful. After you've beaten him up so bad he falls over, just crouch down next to him and give him a good chop.

Game created by Robert Kemmetmueller in 1986

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Game Screenshots - Ninja Game

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