Wacky Wheels - 1994


Move Left = Left Arrow
Move Right = Right Arrow
Accelerate = Up Arrow
Brake = Down Arrow
Hand Brake Turn = [Space]
Fire Hog = [CRTL]

Game History - Wacky Wheels - 1994

Wacky Wheels - 1994

Wacky Wheels is a go-kart racing game where you can play any of eight wacky animals. Each animal has its own colorful antics and animations, including a camel, elephant, moose, panda, pelican, raccoon, shark, and tiger. You can use a variety of special pick-ups and power ups to use on your opponents, like hedgehog bullets, bombs and oil to make your opponents slip and lose control.

The modes offered are Single player racing, Two player race on a split screen to play with a friend, Two player shoot out to battle in an area against a friend, Wacky duck shoot where you have to shoot as many ducks as possible before the time runs out and an online mode called Comm-Bat play. The racing mode has an amateur, pro and champion class as well as a time attack and a kid mode.

Game history from Moby Games
Game created by Apogee Software, Ltd. in 1994
File Download - Wacky-Wheels-1994.zip

Game Screenshots - Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels screenshot 1 Wacky Wheels screenshot 2 Wacky Wheels screenshot 3