BeSlimed Match 3 Game



Click and drap a slimy to make a match of 3 or more slimies. The more chained slimies matches the longer you can play. Use the 5 coins to buy hints.

Game History - BeSlimed

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BeSlimed, a match 3 style game originally created by Markus Inger, and modified by Lazy Mutt Games.

Bejeweled was released in 2000 and is widely thought of as the flagship match 3 game. PopCap, the creator, estimates 10 billion collective hours of Bejeweled play by roughly 500 million people around the world. It’s also introduced one of the most mirrored puzzle game mechanics.

Since the original release of Bejeweled, the Match 3 genre has expanded drastically, with different strategies, storylines, and structures. You can swap gummies, animals, jewels, monsters, sea creatures, and much more. You can play hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of levels that never get old because of added gameplay elements.