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Try to arrange chips of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. To move a ball click on it to select, then click on destination square. Once line has five or more chips of same color, that line is removed from the board and you earn score points. After each turn three new chips randomly added to the board. The game is over when the board is filled up.

Game History - Colorlines

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Colorlines was the original Russian DOS version of Lines. It is a turn-based board game. Each turn, three randomly colored chips fall on random grids of a 9x9 squares board. Your mission in Colorlines is to re-locate the chips (by moving one of them per turn) to form lines consisting of five or more chips of the same color. The lines can be arranged vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Each line you build immediately disappears, giving you points. There is basically no end to the game, but your first objective is to surpass the 3000 points scored by the "king". Once you surpass him, he loses the throne and you become the new king, but the game continues to infinitum. You lose when the entire board is filled with balls.

This version of the game was written in JavaScript, and has most of the features of the original Lines.