Peg Puzzles Game

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Peg Puzzles, also called Chinese Checkers, is a game of luck and skill. Remove pegs by jumping over them, just like Checkers, until only one peg remains in the center of the board.

Your goal is to clear all of the pegs but one. To clear a peg, jump over it into an empty space. Click a peg to select it, and then click an empty space to make a jump.

Game History - Peg Puzzles Game

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Peg Puzzles is not like other solitaire games. Instead of a deck of cards, the game is played on a wooden board with holes and, as the name suggests, some pegs. There is one more hole than the number of pegs. The reason for this will become clear…

The rules to this game are very simple. Choose a peg then jump it over another into an empty space. The peg that you have just jumped over is then removed from the game. You are now ready to select any other peg on the board and make another jump, as long as you are able to jump over one other peg and land in an empty space.

The purpose of the game is to keep jumping over pegs until you are left with only one. With only one peg left in play, you have won the game.

There are 12 peg solitaire boards to chose from. If you are new to the game, or maybe it’s been a while since you last played, why not start with the Star board? With only 12 holes and 11 pegs, it’s the most simple Peg solitaire game to choose.

Or would you find it easier to start with a larger board, which gives you more room to move, more pegs to jump and more opportunity to work out your own strategies for playing the game.

The largest peg boards in the game are the incredible Snowflake and Hexagon boards. With up to 60 holes, these boards make an intense and complicated game that you’ll want to play over and over again until you succeed.

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