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The game runs in a 1280 x 768 windowed screen.

Sokoban-Retro is played on a board of squares, where each square is a floor or a wall. Some floor squares contain boxes, and some floor squares are marked as storage locations.

The player is confined to the board and may move horizontally or vertically onto empty squares (never through walls or boxes). The player can move a box by walking up to it and pushing it to the square beyond. Boxes cannot be pulled, and they cannot be pushed to squares with walls or other boxes. The number of boxes equals the number of storage locations. The puzzle is solved when all boxes are placed at storage locations.

Sokoban-Retro​ is a remake of the original Soko-ban MSDOS game, but adds the following features:

  • Animated Background
  • 50 level designs
  • No hidden data connections!
  • No Ads!
  • Save/Load Game stats
  • Sound Settings
  • 1280 x 768 Windowed Mode
  • Full Screen Mode
  • New look and feel
  • Lowest number of moves and fastest time to win a level
  • Background Music - On the Island - Godmode


Sokoban-Retro is a fantastic reimagining of a classic. With its blend of nostalgia and innovation, this game offers hours of brain-teasing entertainment.

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Soko-Ban is a video game published in the United States by Spectrum HoloByte in 1988, based on the 1982 Japanese videogame Sokoban.

In 1988, Sokoban was published in US by Spectrum HoloByte for the Commodore 64, DOS and Apple II as Soko-Ban. A version for the BBC Micro called Robol was published by a third party in 1993.

Sokoban was a hit in Japan, and had sold over 400,000 units in that country by the time Spectrum HoloByte imported it to the United States.

A 1988 review in Computer Gaming World praised the game for being "pure and simple, very playable and mentally challenging", citing its addictive qualities. It was also reviewed in 1988 in Dragon #132 by Hartley, Patricia, and Kirk Lesser in "The Role of Computers" column. The reviewers gave the game 4+1⁄2 out of 5 stars. Brian Wierda for Compute! said "Soko-Ban may not be suited to the gung-ho action-adventure gamer, but if you're a puzzle solver, it's one of the best challenges you can find." Paul Statt for InCider said "once I got the tricks down – not just strategic tricks, but tactics such as using the arrow keys instead of the joystick – Soko-Ban became, if not easy, mindless. It simulates this type of work well – unfortunately, that's pretty weak praise for a game.

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Platforms:HTML5, Windows, Linux
Genre:Puzzle Game
Inputs:Keyboard, Mouse Game Jplt
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