Battle for Midway has been out for some time now, and still not seeing the love for it.  I still want to add more to the game, but not seeing the point to it.  What I have seen the last few days is online play from the website.  Seems that ad blockers are really messing with the site, and Google Analytics is not showing the true traffic on the site.

Only the people not using an ad blocker are showing in analytics....

So I decided to create my own traffic monitoring tool, and track every hit to the games section of the site.  It is amazing how much traffic is not being picked up by Googles tool.

Users Past 2 days:
Google - 7
My Tool - 105

Page Views Past 2 Days:
Google - 14
My tool - 169

My tool is getting the user data before the browser can block it.  So it is more at ground level, and allows me to dice and slice it anyway I want.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the ads in the sponsored games to work...

I will let the data gather for a few more days then see how many people are playing Battle for Midway online.  Maybe there is hope...