DropPoker is a casual game that blends a match 3 style game with a poker game.  The goal of the game is to select adjoining cards to create poker hands.  As you reach higher levels you will gain power-ups to help you win a level.  You can also use the money you win on each level to purchase power-ups from the games store.  Hidden behind curtain cards are special cards that you can collect to earn badges.  Each badge earned will also earn you money to purchase items in the store.

Game Logic

The player needs to find poker hands in the field of cards.  Using the mouse, the player selects the cards to play.  If the cards selected match a poker hand the player will earn the money for the hand and the cards will be removed from the game.  When the cards are removed they will explode and any cards above will then drop down to fill the empty positions. New cards will fill the open top positions.  Removing cards from the field will not cause a chain reaction.  Only selected cards that match a legal poker hand will be removed.  Each poker hand found and removed from the field will add to the totals on the left.  In order to complete a level you will need to remove a set number of hands.  Each hand type will score a certain amount points, and will earn you money to buy add-ons to help remove cards and win the level.  The game will have total points earned for all levels won, total money in the player bank, and each poker hand type total for the level.

Hoping to have a mock-up of this game soon.