MechBattle development is back on!  Just when you thought this online strategy interface was cancelled, it is now Back on MechWarriors!

After many months of nothingness, and the thought of cancelling the project, I finally decided to get back to work on MechBattle.

So yesterday I was able to get the database scripts buttoned up and started the seed data for the base league settings.  Still need to create the database project within the solution so I can keep everything together.  Also have the project checked into DevOps in Azure so I can have source control and a build pipeline for the project.

Login screenToday was very productive, was able to get the registration interface working and the pilot log in done.  The process is to create an account is as follows:

  • Fill out the registration form and submit it
  • An email is sent to the pilot telling them to click the link to verify their email address.
  • After the pilot clicks the link they are allowed level 1 access to the site.
  • With level one access they can join a group or put themselves on the Recruitment list.
  • After they are excepted into a group the pitlots access will change to the groups membership access.

Registration screenStill working out the group membership access..

Updated the way database connection string are handled so when the site is in debug mode it uses a local database and if debug is off to use the host servers database.

Fixed some issues with the GetUnitInfo method.

Started working on the Join and Start a Unit screens.