Join a Unit buttonsProgress is moving along with a few features added to the basic infrastructure of the site.  Wanted to get the account section of the site working so pilots can register on the site, be able to select the league, and select or create a Unit they wish to join. 

I also had to revisit the menu as the "Join a Unit" button was missing from the Player menu.

I have a big list of things to do tomorrow, just hope I have enough time to get through them.  Been on vacation from the real life job so I have more time to work on this side stuff.

Join a unit menu buttonToday list of features I got through:

  • The registration process is sending emails to unit commanders after the pilot verifies their email address.
  • Added "Join a Unit" button to main screen in the Command Area if the pilot isn't attached to a unit.
  • Added Registration button to main screen Command Area if the pilot hasn't created a registration.
  • Created a Database project to hold all database setup scripts, and seed data for the tables.
  • Started working on a new screen that allows the pilot to edit their profile.