The Last Project - Pause ScreenshotStill moving toward the first marker here. 

  • Pause function is now working anywhere in the game, and can be triggered by the "P" key.
  • Now have Minimap working and will use the LevelMap that is loaded.
  • Movement buttons working with the minimap keys.  You can use the buttons or keyboard keys (q w e a s d) to move the group through the level.
  • Minimap is talking to the Players viewport, now we are adding the conversion from flat map to 3Dish view.
  • Character slots working, need to add data so we can display the character image and stat's.

The Last Project - Game Screen V2Now working on the code to convert the incoming location and direction to the player viewport into a 3Dish view.

After that if working will start on the Quick Inventory control.