Now that every browser has some sort of advertisement blocker running, sites like this one are having a hard time generating money to pay for operating cost and development.  Since users like the idea of getting free software, many developers have used ads between game levels to monetize their software.  The problem is since users are using browsers that have ad blockers they are cutting into how we can generate money to provide these games for free.

I don’t have a problem with this, and I also use ad blockers.  The reason for using them is to block malware/malicious scripts, to speed-up the page load time, and cut back on the payload sent to the user.  It also blocks the ads from those sites who think that putting 15 to 20 ads on a page will make them more money.  All this has done is created the situation we are in now.

Here at Lazy Mutt Games we only have ads in our sponsored games.  We do have ads that are internal to our site on each page, but only one.  We will continue this practice as we think it has a minimal affect on the users, and help us provide free games for everyone to play.

We only ask that you white list our site in your ad blocker.

If you are using Chrome you just need to

Right click on the Lock icon
Whitelist AdBlocker Step 1

Click “Site settings”
Whitelist AdBlocker Step 2

Set Ads to Allow
Whitelist AdBlocker Step 3

This will only turn ads on for Lazy Mutt Games, and no other site.