DropPoker main board

Lazy Mutt Games proudly releases DropPoker to production.  Download our demo from the DropPoker product page, or play it online.  Both versions have a 20 level limit.

The concept behind this game is to find poker hands on a board 6 x 6 poker cards. As you submit hands, the hands are scored and added to the games score.

Depending on the difficulty level the user selects they could score a bonus on each hand. Each difficulty level reduces the time you have to find hands. Also as you move up in levels, the number of hands needed per level increases.

At this time the game is a single player game and can be played online or installed on a PC computer. The online version and the demo of the game limits the player to 20 levels of play. The full game has unlimited levels.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Levels
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Leveling up increases the next levels requirements
  • 33 archivements/awards
  • Auto-save
  • Start a new game and retain your awards
  • Ways to cheat the game...
  • No hidden data connections