MS DOS WorldMS DOS World coming to Lazy Mutt Games! 

We are creating a new section of the site that will be exclusively for MS DOS shareware games from 1980 to 1995.  You will be able to play them online, or download them to your system and use DOSBox to play them on your PC or Mac computer.


Back in the 1980 to 1995 era of gaming things were different.  Everything was run from the command prompt, and you needed to tweak your config.sys file and autoexec.bat file to squeeze out every bit of memory you could to run a game in your limited 640k base memory. 

Now with modern computers you really don't have that issue. Today you do have programs that are bloated beyond belief.  It is normal to have a game over 10gig in size or fill 2 DVD's with install files.  I downloaded a game the other day that was over 50 gig in size!

Back in the early years of gaming things could fit on a 360k floppy disk, or you could download them from a BBS system over your telephone line.  Mind you a game that was 20k would take 20 to 30 minutes to download if you had a fast modem.

Well we are starting a new section on the site that will host those old games for you, and allow you to play them online for free.  If you like them you will be able to download them to your system and run them from DOSBox.  Most of these games are shareware, which means that were free to play or share.

So stay tuned for more!!