Pacman RetroWe made some updates and bug fixes to our Pacman-Retro game today. Stop on over to our Games Online page and play it online for FREE.

Bug fixes include:

  1. In the intro to the game the ghosts do not turn blue after Pacman eats the power pill.
  2. When the game is over the score is not saved into the highscore if it is greater than highscore.
  3. When game is over it starts over from the LMG logo instead of the pacman start screen.
  4. Escape now takes you to start screen.

We still have a few updates we would like to do to the game which include the following:

  1. No start menu
  2. No highscore room/popup
  3. No Pause button
  4. You get stuck in spots
  5. Eating second power pill does not reset blue ghost timer.
  6. Score alignment issues still.