Monster Smash

We are pleased to announce the release of Monster Smash 0.9.7 for Windows and HTML5 web.  Soon we will release versions for the Mac and Linux operating systems, so stop back later!


Monster Smash is a Match 3 game cloned from the original Bejeweled where you smash monsters, gain points, and move through an infinite number of levels. See if you can beat your high score or high level. Play a normal game without the timer, or select timed game to add more challange.

The game runs in a 830 x 650 windowed screen.

Key Features of Monster Smash:

  • Unlimited Levels
  • Normal or Timed difficulty
  • Original Bejeweled Clone
  • Leveling up increases the next levels requirements
  • Auto-save High score and high level
  • No hidden data connections!
  • No Ads!